Happy Fifth Anniversary “Great Expectations”!

Happy Fifth Anniversary to my first solo CD release, “Great Expectations”!

For a limited time, I am offering FREE DOWNLOADS of each track on the album to thank everyone for their support! This week it’s the second song recorded for the album, “No More Hellos”! Simply click the name of the song (which will take you to the Soundcloud site), click the “More” button and select “Download”. Enjoy!

Originally released on May 31, 2012, it was a long time project that started in 2007 with the recording of “Eye For An Eye” and “No More Hellos” when I was a student at Humber College. It took a few years to finish those songs, which were initially released as internet singles.

I really wanted a full album, so I got together with producer/engineer Mark Zubek to fill out the rest of the album. While it was self-produced, Mark contributed a lot to the sound of the album, playing guitar and even drums and percussion on several of the songs (as well as doing the final mixing).

I was incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful group of musicians on this project, including Aaron Spink & Chino DeVilla (drums), Ben Miller & Alex St. Kitts (bass), Noah Zacharin & Ryan Boisselle (guitar), Soohyun Nam (cello), Roslyn Green (violin) and Amy Pitt, Kirsten Rea & Susan Hutcheson (backing vocals).

And many thanks to Jason LaPrade, Andy Pryde and Harrison Fine for their wonderful engineering contributions, and to Yan Li for the wonderful artwork!

The album went on to be played on CBC (“Eye For An Eye” and “Don’t Dream It’s Over”) and college radio, was featured on Song Talk Radio, and I played a wonderful CD release at C’est What in Toronto with most of the performers.

Thanks to everyone involved, and thanks so much to everyone who has listened over the years!

Remember to come back to this page for more free downloads!




Brand New Soundtrack Music!

This has been a really exciting month for me! I played the Guinness World Records show, and I started actively pursuing film music as well. I’ve actually been listening to film scores all my life, and I have written instrumental music for a long time (but never released it).

I decided this year to make a serious commitment to pursue film composition, and I’ve been doing a lot of research and a lot of instrumental writing over the last 6 months.

The result: I landed a contract for a short film and a TV ad! Needless to say, it’s been a whirlwind of a month (deadlines come fast and furious in TV and film), but I have a lot to show as a result!

Please pass the word along if you like the music – I am available to do music scores for TV, film and advertising! I am also considering releasing an album of instrumental music – if you like the idea, please let me know!




We did it! Guinness World Record set for the Longest Continuous Concert!

What an event! 16 days of non-stop music, 24 hours a day. And they did it! We were in competition with Las Vegas and Michigan, but our concert was longer in the end! A really exciting event to be part of! And also the first time I have ever played at 8 in the morning!

Live at the Guinness World Records Concert, Stouffville, ON. Notice the countdown clock on the right.

I was almost late, as it was terrible weather that morning and I was driving in pitch-black rainy weather (and missed the turnoff for Stouffville). Luckily I made it there with some time to spare to get ready. And then it was a tense 55 minutes, as you are not allowed to stop, all songs must be longer than 2 minutes and you are only allowed 30 seconds between songs. Any violation of these rules, and there goes the record!

Tim J Fetshire, myself and Carmen Toth, another awesome performer.

I had some amazing friends make the trek – thanks so much to Tim J Fetshire, Lisa Lauriault (and brand new daughter!) and Carmen Toth for being there to watch my set, and also to BT (Breakfast Television) in Toronto for featuring my set on the morning news!!


Guinness World Record for longest musical performance!

I’ll be playing FRIDAY MARCH 31st for the Guinness World Record attempt for the longest music show! In Stouffville, Canada!

All the details are available here! Hope you can come out and support the great artists and charities! I will be supporting the Gord Downie Foundation for Brain Cancer Research! Hope to see you there!



New Film Score Music!

Many people might not know this, but I have been working on instrumental music for film for over a decade, mostly as a hobby. I have had a life-long love of film music, from Ennio Morricone to Hans Zimmer and James Newton-Howard.

I never had the tools to complete the music the way I wanted, until now. I’m currently in the process of working on a number of demos that will hopefully make their way into film or TV at some point. Here are a few demos I have recently uploaded. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!


Live at 120 Diner in Toronto!

Recently I was privileged to be the special guest of the incredible Annie Bonsignore at her Indie Tuesday series and the Songwriters In The Round at the 120 Diner in Toronto.

For those who don’t know Annie, she is an incredible singer, songwriter and musician with a really powerful voice and some beautiful, moving songs. She plays every Tuesday at 120 Diner along with some other great musicians and a different special guest each week. I was really happy to have been joined by her on backing vocals as well as Natalie Wong on violin.

I also had the honour of performing for her A&R Productions Songwriters In The Round series in November – you can catch my performances at 8:30, 28:00, 47:14 and 1hr:09 below.


NEW SINGLE! “Open These Doors”


NOW RELEASED! Brand new single, recorded with Jason LaPrade, mixed by Andrew Lauzon and mastered by Karl Machat. A hopeful ballad about the questions we all ask ourselves in a new relationship. Featuring the awesome Raphael Weinroth-Browne (“The Visit”) on cello and Holly Cheng on violin. For piano, voice and string trio. I threw a little video together with some footage from my recent trip to Cambodia. Check out the song below and let me know what you think!

If you are interested, the whole song is available for download on iTunes here:




Live at Koerner Hall in Toronto!


On October 1st, I had the amazing opportunity to perform along with many other talented musicians as a part of Koerner Hall Free For All at the Royal Conservatory of Music’s Koerner Hall. We all played one song (with a huge oversized 5 minute countdown!) and I performed on a grand piano with a band. It was recorded and streamed live by the Royal Conservatory. Check out the live show below (I’m at the end, at 3 hours 3 minutes)


Here are some pictures from the event!

koerner-1 koerner-2 koerner-4 koerner-8 koerner-9 koerner3 koerner10


Photos and video from the Cameron House, Toronto!

The Cameron House is one of the longest-running live venues in Toronto (along with the Horseshoe and Lee’s Palace), and I was lucky to get to play a show there along with a number of other great singer/songwriters on Aug. 12th! Here are some pics and video from the event, where I performed with Steve McNie on cello:

Cameron House
Photo by Brendan Albert
Photos by Neel Modi



Steve McNie on cello.
Don Campbell – an amazing singer, songwriter and guitarist.
Melanie Peterson singing some beautiful, soulful songs.

A video from my original song “Eye For An Eye”, with a rare cello part!


New show and online interview!


Thanks so much to my good friend Kat Leonard for doing an interview and write-up on me on her blog!

People Profile: Jeff Alan Greenway!

We both have an upcoming Songwriters show at the Cameron House on Friday, Aug. 12th! Come on down and join us and many, many other fantastic singer/songwriters!

This will be a special rare show for me, as I will be performing with piano and cello. My friend and fantastic multi-instrumental performer Steve McNie will be joining me on cello.

All the info for the show is here – hope to see you there!