Almost at the finish line . . .

Hey folks,

Just a quick update inbetween major studio sessions!

Finished most of the tracking now for most of the songs on the EP.  There’s going to be a surprise cover song in there now – a last minute frenzied arrangement of a famous 80s song (think of a successful Australian band from that time period and you might guess it!) that has come together beautifully, complete with a string quartet.  Many thanks to the talented Soohyun Nam and Roslyn Green on cello & violin!

Most of it was recorded at Jason LaPrade’s new studio (Crystal Clear Productions), with bed tracks recorded at Point Blank Productions with Harrison Fine.  The majority of the tracks are now at Studio Z with the incomparable Mark Zubek doing final editing, mixing and mastering duties.

Because of the late completion date, we’re going to set a battle plan to release the whole thing in early 2012, so it doesn’t get lost in the Christmas rush!  This will also leave time to get some really good artwork, design and fabrication, as well as time to plan an awesome CD release.

Stay tuned for more updates!  Coming soon – a “trailer” for the new EP, featuring clips of some of the new songs!!




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