Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

It’s been a busy holiday season and it’s starting with a busy 2012!  The CD is now 95% done (just waiting on the final mix!), and the promotional plan is just starting to come together.  Things are looking good for a spring/early summer CD release!

I’m making sure this is being done properly this time ’round, and I’m currently looking for promotion and distribution while finalizing the artwork and manufacturing.  It’s an exciting time, and there’s a heck of a lot to do!  This is uncharted territory for me, as the last two recordings I made were never released or marketed properly.  This was for good reason, as they sucked. 😉

Seriously, I was not 100% happy with the final product, so nothing happened with it.  It was a learning experience.  🙂

This time, though, it’s full steam ahead.  Pulling out all of the stops!  I have had some fantastic tracking with Harrison Fine and Jason LaPrade, some wonderful musical performances from too many musicians to mention, playing a great variety of instruments.  There’s a string quartet, a vocal choir, a real 9 foot Yamaha CF III Grand, Rhodes and Hammond organ, killer bass and drums, and a lot of love.  Add some killer editing and mixing from Mark Zubek, simmer, and voila!  One finished EP (almost)!

It’s been a long process, that actually started with bed tracks for two of the songs at Humber College in 2007.  So I am immensely happy that the recording phase is finally coming to a close, and I can get it out there!

Please help get the word out if you like the music, and there is an album trailer here for your listening pleasure:


Stay tuned for a video trailer, and a definite CD release date to be announced soon!

All the best for 2012!




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