New Single on Feb. 15th!

I’m really excited to announce that I will be officially releasing my new song “I Need” internationally on Feb. 15, 2016!

This is the first of several singles I will be releasing this year, and the first original song I have released in four years! I hope you enjoy it! For a change, I played all of the instruments on this track except for bass, which was supplied by my good friend Andrew Lauzon who also mixed the song. I also produced it and arranged all of the parts. I was particularly blessed to be able to play this on a hand-built Yamaha grand piano, and it was a joy to put together.

Lyrically, it is a complex song about love and need – what the word “love”┬ámeans to different people, what it means in the context of a relationship between two people and how it can drive them apart or bring them together. Sometimes our expectations of love can actually destroy it, whether we realize it or not, and this song is both about the dangers of expectation and the power of love.



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