We did it! Guinness World Record set for the Longest Continuous Concert!

What an event! 16 days of non-stop music, 24 hours a day. And they did it! We were in competition with Las Vegas and Michigan, but our concert was longer in the end! A really exciting event to be part of! And also the first time I have ever played at 8 in the morning!

Live at the Guinness World Records Concert, Stouffville, ON. Notice the countdown clock on the right.

I was almost late, as it was terrible weather that morning and I was driving in pitch-black rainy weather (and missed the turnoff for Stouffville). Luckily I made it there with some time to spare to get ready. And then it was a tense 55 minutes, as you are not allowed to stop, all songs must be longer than 2 minutes and you are only allowed 30 seconds between songs. Any violation of these rules, and there goes the record!

Tim J Fetshire, myself and Carmen Toth, another awesome performer.

I had some amazing friends make the trek – thanks so much to Tim J Fetshire, Lisa Lauriault (and brand new daughter!) and Carmen Toth for being there to watch my set, and also to BT (Breakfast Television) in Toronto for featuring my set on the morning news!!


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