Happy Fifth Anniversary “Great Expectations”!

Happy Fifth Anniversary to my first solo CD release, “Great Expectations”!

Originally released on May 31, 2012, it was a long time project that started in 2007 with the recording of “Eye For An Eye” and “No More Hellos” when I was a student at Humber College. It took a few years to finish those songs, which were initially released as internet singles.

I really wanted a full album, so I got together with producer/engineer Mark Zubek to fill out the rest of the album. While it was self-produced, Mark contributed a lot to the sound of the album, playing guitar and even drums and percussion on several of the songs (as well as doing the final mixing).

I was incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful group of musicians on this project, including Aaron Spink & Chino DeVilla (drums), Ben Miller & Alex St. Kitts (bass), Noah Zacharin & Ryan Boisselle (guitar), Soohyun Nam (cello), Roslyn Green (violin) and Amy Pitt, Kirsten Rea & Susan Hutcheson (backing vocals).

And many thanks to Jason LaPrade, Andy Pryde and Harrison Fine for their wonderful engineering contributions, and to Yan Li for the wonderful artwork!

The album went on to be played on CBC (“Eye For An Eye” and “Don’t Dream It’s Over”) and college radio, was featured on Song Talk Radio, and I played a wonderful CD release at C’est What in Toronto with most of the performers.

Thanks to everyone involved, and thanks so much to everyone who has listened over the years!




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